African Safari adventure tours 1-15

The company runs camping safaris using overland trucks to take groups of people around the whole of Africa since 1980. Running trips from 5 days to game parks up to 43 weeks we cover the whole of Africa, north to south. We run over 60 African adventure tours; covering 26 countries, with departure every month. Travel by overland safari truck is the safest, most sociable and cost effective way to have an African safari experience. At many sights we use local guides for a more detailed and in-depth explanations.

We aim to provide affordable adventure trips in Africa, you will benefit from the services of a trained crew, well maintained vehicles and equipment. The safari trucks are equipped with everything needed to make the trip including tents, sleeping roll mats, cooking equipment , storage lockers, medical kit etc'. At Lunch normally visit small eating houses so that you can try the local food and mix with the locals, however if there is nothing available on the road we eat off the truck.