La Balade des Gnomes in Durbury Belgium

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If you’re looking to take a break from your everyday life and retreat in a fairytale world, there’s probably no better place than La Balade des Gnomes, near the picturesque town of Dubuy, Belgium. The La Balade des Gnomes was built by Architect, Mr Noel, The hotel is an unusual place with 10 extraordinarily decorated and furnished rooms guaranteed to captivate the imagination.

The idea of the hotel is to convert imagination  to reality. It is located near Durbuy in Belgium which is a small 17th century town with beautiful shops. The inspiration for each of the hotel’s rooms comes from traditional fairy tales. La Balade des Gnomes translates to the walk of the Gnomes. Each room leaves an impression, there is a Trojan horse where you can stay in, well, a giant wooden horse. Other rooms include the Macquarie Island room where your bed is a boat which appears to float on real water and there is a real beach with real sand in your room. The suites are filled with wooden toadstools, starry skies and crooked windows.
The rooms are stunning A really imaginative and other-worldly place. There is a sailboat in it’s own pool on the 3rd floor. These and other things makes this hotel a perfect choice as a hotel for kids.

The La Balade des Gnomes is inspired by fantasy settings, ancient Greek history, science fiction and medieval castles, the resourceful Mr. Noel managed to create his incredible hotel exclusively out of natural materials like wood, stone and mud mixed with lime and straw. The names of the rooms do a good job of describing what you can expect to see when you walk through the door: The Legend of Trolls seems taken straight out of the Lord of the Rings, In a Moon Neighborhood takes you to a distant future where humans can spend their vacation in a hotel on the Moon, while Macquarie Island boasts a marine decor complete with a boat-shaped bed.

The Latcho-Drom Trailer
Latcho-Drom, one or more nights in gypsy mode.
Inspire, clairvoyance, travel through the years to relive here and now.
Roulotte any comfort: double bed, bath, toilet, kitchenette, fridge bar, senséo.

The casa Tireli-rela
A neighborhood of a small village "Andalusian" crazy shapes and surprising colors.
Suite on 2 levels with bubble bath, shower, sauna, 1 double bed and 1 child bed (min 4 years), tv lounge, bar, terrace.

Macquarie Island
Embark aboard the sailing boat "gnomus". South Cape of Tazania.
Room on 2 levels, Irish bar, senséo, living room with tv on the cliff, double bed in the sailboat + 1 single bed, cabin with bath "bubbles" and shower.

The Monk's Despair
An organic tribute to the Spanish architect "Gaudi".
3 spaces: a lounge area with tv, fridge bar; Senséo, an area with a large canopy bed; A space sdb with shower and bath-tub, terrace. An umbrella bed (baby until 2 years admitted).

The legend of the Trolls
Enter a magical forest where trolls, gnomes and fairies will share your stay.
Double bed, living room with tv and fridge bar, senséo, bathroom with bath and shower.

The wine route
Atmosphere of an Alsatian vineyard and its factory "1900"
Suite with bubble bath, 1 double bed, shower, tv lounge, bar, senséo, 2 cots in a hut or cot available for baby.

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