KumbukRiver in Buttala Sri Lanka

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The KumbukRiver is a 16-acre oasis nestled on a resplendent corner of Sri Lanka’s south-east.  Made famous by its massive 2-story primary villa in the shape of an elephant, this eco-lodge is situated on the banks of a lively river on the edge of Yala, Sri Lanka’s premier wildlife sanctuary.
While you can sleep in the elephant’s belly, the resort also features two other chalets for larger groups. Small groups are have exclusive use by reserving the entire resort.  Only a maximum of 12 guests are allowed in order to maintain its high standards in an eco context.

The beautiful surroundings, the river and the unique facilities of the lodge invite visitors to privacy to become at one with nature.  The lodge is conceptually structured so as to allow visitors a unique experience where they can enjoy a memorable holiday without the environment-damaging facets of life in the city. Some may leave wondering if they really need electricity again. Such is the beauty and setting of this idyllic eco hideout.

This is elephant country. Where peacocks herald the day and elephants roam the nights. KumbukRiver is a haven for nature-lovers, for those who cherish participatory tourism. Here, fantasies come true while you become one with nature. You can enjoy the peace and quiet of an eco haven or explore the untamed wild. There's a whole river to call yours and if adventure pumps your adrenaline, which makes it one of the best choices for a hotel for kids.

Elephant Villa

The mammoth 40ft two story Elephant Villa you see on our grounds is the reason why KumbukRiver is famous around the world. This incredible edifice is a poignant reminder of our pristine nature and a symbol of its rapid destruction.

Elephant Villa consists of two very large bedrooms and a lounge area on upper deck with the living spaces promoting togetherness as families and friends have often discovered. There is electricity but lighting is minimal as you enjoy, perhaps, the most unique sleeping experience of your life. Made entirely of wood and straw with airy ambience, our Elephant Villa is for those with adventure and diversity on mind. This eco villa has a bathroom with hot water and two toilets in an interactive setting with nature.

Tree Luxuria

Welcome to the wild with the comfort of a star-class room. Our Tree Luxuria is a spectacular, well-appointed design wonder built encompassing two trees overlooking the river. The bedroom has probably the largest bed found in Sri Lanka and a floor to ceiling glass wall offers you truly mesmerizing views of the river below. The air-conditioned cabin has a television, a fridge and a coffee/tea maker. The bathroom is a treat in itself with a shower cubicle with hot water jets and FM radio. The open upper deck is a great place to relax taking in the great vistas. Your meals may also be served here.

Boat House

Right out of a storybook, KumbukRiver's new boat house is what dreams are made of. The shape of the warmly colored elephant captures the amazing role elephants play in the island's culture. The air conditioned boat house sleeps up to 4; making it a dream choice for honeymooners, as well as, families with the room offering spectacular vistas of nature.

KumbukRiver Boat House livens up your stay with its inviting washroom perched few feet up two trees, allowing visitors to enjoy a warm water bath with great views of the river. You can relax in cool comfort, sit on the deck or take a dip or write your journal in the outdoor courtyard.

Jungle Cabin

This vintage Morris BMC, decommissioned as part of an environmentally-friendly initiative, finds its new home by the river winding through our nature enclave. Jungle Cabin offers a uniquely luxurious stay especially for couples looking for a fairytale getaway. The cabin of the lorry has been transformed into a compact, air-conditioned, cosy bedroom with a glass wall presenting a panoramic view of the river below. An extended modern bathroom with hot water shower and an open lounge where guests get to eat and relax listening to nature's sound effects complete yet another fascinating accommodation option. Couples get to sip coffee in the driver's cabin while absorbing the romance of the nature that surrounds them.

Kumbuk Chalet

You believe in all things natural and want a true eco experience; that's why you may want to occupy the Kumbuk Chalet. Inspired by a typical farmer's house, the Chalet takes you back in time. This humble mud and thatch abode comes with an airy bathroom and space for dining and relaxing. Its courtyard features a tree shower. Naturally, there's no electricity but solar lamps should give you the little light you need. Here you are very much a part of the nature that surrounds you.

Things To Do

Explore our 16 acre river-front nature enclave and enjoy a truly rejuvenating green holiday. Take a refreshing river bath,explore our mini island or ride our paruwa/raft. Catch some fish, our staff will help you! Explore our nature trails into the forest. Go bird watching; early morning is the best time to spot peacocks. Take a hand tractor ride to the near-by Suspension Bridge and continue trekking to an old tank in the deeps of Yala buffer zone offering spectacular views. Play Hop-scotch, Marbles or one of our other board games. Spend a night in a farmer's tree hut as they ward off elephants. Enjoy a BBQ night. Visit Dematamal Viharaya, an ancient temple that according to a legend played an important role in Southern history or visit the famous Maligawila Temple. Take a day trip or over-night trip to the famous surfing town of Arugam Bay. Take a day trip to Yala National Park or continue there on to Hambantota/Galle. Take a day trip to Uda Walawe.




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