Dog Bark Inn in Cottonwood Idaho

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There are many original hotels in the world, but the Dog Bark Park Inn is definitely one of the most interesting ones. The hotel offers accommodation for 4 people in a room with a shape of a huge wooden beagle dog.

The Dog Bark Park Inn is a hotel located in Idaho. The hotel is built in the shape of a beagle which also makes it a perfect choice as a hotel for kids, and it is making it a famous landmark in the state. It is colloquially known as Sweet Willy by local residents. The hotel, which is located in north central Idaho, is a two-bedroom B&B which also features dog-themed contents.

The hotel is located in Cottonwood, Idaho in the United States, it provides bed and breakfast in a reasonable  price. The dog hotel was designed by husband and wife that carve wooden dogs. Next to the hotel there is a shop and a gallery with many wooden  curved dogs.

Dog Bark Park consists of the bed & breakfast inn, a gift shop & visitors center, and the gallery of chainsaw artists, Dennis Sullivan & Frances Conklin. Many breeds of dog carvings are prominently featured.


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