Alton Towers Hotel in Staffordshire England

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Alton Towers Hotel, is a theme park resort located in Staffordshire, England, near the village of Alton. The resort, which is operated by Merlin Entertainments Group, incorporates a water park and hotel complex.

The park operates six major roller coasters – Nemesis, Oblivion, Rita, Thirteen, The Smiler, and Galactica – as well as other attractions.

Things to do in the Alton Towers Hotel and Theme Park

Alton Towers Theme Park

The Alton Towers Theme Park is divided into twelve areas: Towers Street, Mutiny Bay, Katanga Canyon, Gloomy Wood, Forbidden Valley, Dark Forest, The Gardens, The Towers, Cloud Cuckoo Land, X-Sector, CBeebies Land and Adventure Land. The SkyRide cable car system travels between Towers Street, Forbidden Valley, and Cloud Cuckoo Land and takes in views of the gardens.

Alton Towers Waterpark

There's no end to the fun you can have in the Alton Towers Waterpark. You can unwind in Lagoona Bay or the Lazy River and let all your stresses float away, or enjoy some adrenaline thrilled adventure on the Master Blaster Water Coaster, sending you speeding round the Waterpark at exhilarating speeds.

Enchanted Forest Tree Top Quest 

Two fantastical high ropes courses set within the captivating woodland of the Enchanted Village - a high ropes for those with a head for heights and low ropes for younger children or those who want to stay a bit closer to the ground! 

Extraordinary Golf

Test your skills at Extraordinary Golf located near Splash Landings Hotel, next to the car park and monorail station.

Two wacky 9-hole courses with outrageous obstacles themed around some of the most famous Alton Towers Resort rides and attractions. Putt your way to Oblivion and meet your Nemesis - a superb way to start or end your day.

Alton Towers Spa

Step inside and escape to a blissful oasis of luxurious tranquillity, nestled inside the beautiful grounds of the Alton Towers Resort.

Alton Towers Events

Alton Towers Resort hosts fantastical events throughout the year, including Scarefest, Fireworks and Christmas

CBeebies Land Hotel

Alton Towers addition a 76-room extension to the Alton Towers Hotel themed to CBeebies characters. The hotel was constructed with 42 standard rooms themed to the CBeebies Bugbies and another 34 premium rooms themed to different CBeebies shows, such as Something Special and Swashbuckle. Room amenities include child-friendly features, such as steps up to the sink and children's toilet seats. The hotel features CBeebies-themed shows and entertainment, which run every day of the year,

Step inside the rainbow and straight into the colourful world of the UK's only CBeebies Land Hotel, all uniquely designed for young families. A place bursting with music, stories and adventures for little ones to enjoy.

Alton Towers Hotel

This unique hotel is themed around the incredible explorer Sir Algenon, who has made the Alton Towers Hotel his home. There are plenty of fun and quirky features to discover, including his amazing flying ship which has crash-landed right in the middle of the hotel.

Woodland Lodges

Enjoy an enchanting break in one of our Woodland Lodges and experience a land full of forest sprites and little fable folk that live amongst the trees in the Enchanted Village.

Luxury Treehouses

Nestled above the beautiful surroundings of the Enchanted Village, experience our luxury Treehouses for that extra special escape.

Splash Landings Hotel

You won't want to miss the fantastic family entertainment at Splash Landings Hotel. From our interactive Calypso Crew kids club, to our popular character shows, we have something for the whole family to enjoy.

Alton Towers Themed Rooms makes it one of the best choices as a hotel for kids

Bugbies Rooms - CBeebies Land Hotel

In these delightfully themed rooms you'll join the CBeebies bugbies having fun in the rainbow drenched sunshine meadow.

Octonauts Rooms - CBeebies Land Hotel 

With everything from submarine control panels to periscopes and portholes, you'll feel like you've been submerged into another land in your Octonauts Room.

Swashbuckle Rooms - CBeebies Land Hotel 

Ahaarrrr... Perfect your Swashbuckle Salute and join Gem in searching for the hidden jewels when you stay in these amazing Swashbuckle themed rooms.

Tree Fu Tom Room - Alton Towers Hotel

Be transported deep inside the enchanted kingdom to join Tom amongst huge leaves in your very own Treeling hideout. This secret room is alive with the sounds and smells of Treetopolis and once inside, Tom has a quest for you!

Charlie & Lola Room - Alton Towers Hotel

Join Charlie and Lola for an extra special sleepover in their extremely exciting bedroom...Charlie and Lola are hiding but can you find them with the buggy trail?

Mike The Knight Room - Alton Towers Hotel

The Kingdom of Glendragon, home to Mike the Knight, has opened up its doors for all visiting knights-in-training! After a day of bravery and missions, make yourself at home with Mike and his friends amongst the brightly coloured tournament tents, trees and sunny landscape of Glendragon.

Something Special Rooms - CBeebies Land Hotel

Children can sleep in Mr Tumble's starry bunk-beds, play with colourful hands-on interactive features, and spy familiar Tumble clothes and toys all around the room!

Postman Pat Rooms - CBeebies Land Hotel

See Pat, Jess, Ted and other favourite characters and delight in becoming part of the postal service team, delivering your very own parcels around the town.

In The Night Garden Rooms - CBeebies Land Hotel

Give your little ones the ultimate sleepover by treating them to stay in their very own Night Garden. The iconic song greets you as you open the door into this magical woodland world.


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